American immigration, Nationality, Business and Creative arts Law

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Practice Overview

Intellectual property

We register and prosecute trademarks. Infringement and counterfeiting. Both American and WIPO international trademarks.

Creative work protection including copyright and artist’s rights.

Business Law

We help you with your business needs including developing business plans, setting up corporations and partnerships, developing company manuals which are compliant with labor law, and international transactions including arbitrations, WTO practice, and other international agency disputes.

Immigration law

We help with business visas and investor visas. Work visas such as L and H1B. Deportation defense and appeals.  Immigration bonds. Waivers and the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Family immigration.

International law

International transactions including arbitrations and WTO and other international agency disputes. International labor law and human rights.

Legal research

Legal research and legal anthropology and legal translations to back up your case. Research available in six languages. (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch).

Attorney Profiles

Claude Piller

Principal Attorney

Attorney Piller has a broad level of experience domestically and internationally,  focusing on Latin America and Europe. His blog seeks to keep up with trends in law, politics and economics which may affect his clients. He is available for communication via email, WhatsApp (C), and FaceTime, and otherwise.

He is a graduate of the University of San Francisco and is a member of the Washington State Bar, Whatcom County Bar and Napa Valley Bar Association.

He is general counsel or trademark counsel for various entities such as French App, Swiss Force, Selby, LW Measurements,Tree, NIU, and the Salvadoran American National Association, to name a few. He specializes in representing small and medium sized start-ups and businesses.

His areas of practice include immigration law, international law, intellectual property and Art law, labor law/arbitration, and admiralty.

Attorney Piller is based in Washington State but he also has offices in California and Texas. He has corresponding attorneys in El Salvador and Mexico. Attorney Piller speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian. When not working Claude enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, wine tasting, eating out and the movies.

Some former and current clients

Roland Keller - CEO - Swiss Force Inc.Roland Keller - CEO - Swiss Force Inc.
As an owner of a small international bookkeeping firm, I value efficient work and reasonable fees. Claude's intellectual property work has been impeccable, efficient and reasonably priced. I certainly recommend him and look forward to continue doing business with him.
Susie Selby - Owner/Winemaker - Selby WinerySusie Selby - Owner/Winemaker - Selby Winery
As an owner of a small but dynamic and successful winery, I value efficient work and reasonable fees. For ten years Claude's intellectual property work has been impeccable, efficient and reasonably priced. I certainly recommend him and look forward to ten more years with his office. 
PillerLaw are very professional and really care about client's needs.


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